Welcome to Incontrol Energy

factory We are suppliers to the trade of solar energy products. Of British design and direct from our factory in China we offer the latest innovations in solar technology at low cost. With UK energy prices ever increasing, our aim is bring affordable solar energy solutions to the masses.

Our stackable, plug & play G83 inverters coupled with our ultra thin 3mm solar panels means nearly every household could benefit from solar power. Many homes won't qualify for a Feed-In-Tariff scheme as they aren't south facing or their home is a poor EPC rating. Our systems can be installed on garages, outbuildings, conservatory rooves, on the ground or even on walls. Practically anywhere with space for a solar panel and a mains socket.

Due to the stackable nature of our inverters, systems can be built up in stages so even homes with very restricted budgets can get their foot on the ladder and start saving with solar. From an installer's perspective this increases the potential market considerably and provides great scope for system up-sizing and potential maintenance contracts. We'd love speak to you about your requirements and answer any questions so why not give us a call now or use our convenient contact form.

Did You Know..?

For the first time since July 2013 the Feed-in-tariff rate has been reduced. New installations of 4kW or less, the most popular choice for domestic properties, after April 1st 2014 will now get 14.38p per kWh. With potential return dropping again there has never been a better time to adopt our simple low-cost systems...